Keloid Treatment in Kenya

A keloid (also called a keloid scar) is an overgrowth of a scar, after the skin has been damaged. It is an abnormal type of wound healing that results in a large, soft growth where the skin has been damaged. It can be ichy and very uncomfortable affecting ones confidence and appearance.


An estimated 10 percent of people experience keloid scarring. Men and women are equally likely to have keloid scars. People with darkly pigmented skin, such as African-Americans, are more prone to keloids. Keloids tend to have a genetic component, which means you’re more likely to have keloids if one or both of your parents has them.

If you have known risk factors for developing keloids, you may want to avoid getting body piercings, unnecessary surgeries, and tattoos.

Keloids are benign but uncontrolled growth may be a sign of skin cancer. After diagnosing keloid scarring by visual exam, your doctor may want to perform a biopsy to rule out other conditions. This involves taking a small sample of tissue from the scarred area and analyzing it for cancerous cells.

At Avane Clinic we do proper diagnosis and treatment for Keloids through surgery or laser with radiology input to prevent any further occurrences.