Weight Loss & Body Contouring

Sometimes the most effective diets and the most successful exercise regimes are simply not enough to achieve the figure we really want.

Whether it involves elimination of localized fat deposits and cellulite or skin tightening, Avané Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic and Medical Spa, offers concrete solutions to suit any area of the body in need of improvement, using the safest and minimally invasive procedures.

It is now possible to enhance ones silhouette by slimming and firming the tummy, hips, thighs and upper arms without risking serious complications and with no down-time.

Slender Wonder Weight Loss

Obesity is a serious problem for millions of people, and losing weight can often be challenging. Metabolic weight loss is a multidisciplinary approach to promote long-term weight loss. This technique begins with an evaluation of the patient's medical history and current diet and lifestyle. In addition, their BMI is calculated and lean muscle mass is measured.

After these assessments, blood testing is performed to determine whether the patient has any vitamin deficiencies or underlying medical issues that are making weight loss difficult. A customized diet and exercise plan will then be created to stimulate weight loss. In addition, stress management methods and psychological and nutritional counseling may be provided as components of a metabolic weight loss plan.

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Mesotherapy involves the injection of medications and other substances into the mesoderm, the layer of fat and connective tissue beneath the skin. Invented in France in 1952, mesotherapy today is used for a variety of cosmetic purposes, including cellulite and spot weight reduction, hair loss, scar revision and skin rejuvenation. It may be an attractive alternative to tumescent liposuction for patients wishing to reduce cellulite or lose excess weight.

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