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Avane Clinic has been treating its patients since 2010 happily in Kenya. Our patients are getting all kinds of skin treatments at our clinic, including Botox, Laser Hair Removal, Coolsculpting, Chemical Peels, and other Skin Care Treatments. Many of our past patients informed us that they feel extremely relaxed while taking the treatments from experienced Dr. Pranav Pancholi. Few of our patients also described their experience of skin care treatment at Avane Clinic on video.

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1. Dorcas Wainaina – Skin Care Treatment

Ms Dorcas Wainaina is the CEO of The Institute of Human Resource Management. She found a treatment of her likes and comfort at Avane Clinic, Kenya. Watch the complete video to know what she has to say about her treatment by dermatology specialist Dr. Pancholi.

2. Jemimah Simbauni – Skin Care Treatment

Mrs. Jemimah Simbauni is a zoological science professor at Kenyatta University. This was one of the difficult cases for dermatologist Dr. Pranav Pancholi, Please see the testimonial video of Jemimah to know more about how her needs were fulfilled at Avane Clinic.

3. Astrid – Cosmetic Treatment

We have a special visitor from Paris, her name is Astrid. She has come specially to see Dr. Pranav Pancholi. We are feeling so honored and touched by that. Watch the complete video to find out what she has to say about our clinic & our dermatologists.

4. Phil Stone – Fungal Infection

Phil Stone is a happy patient of Avane Clinic, She came long years back for cosmetic & beauty care treatment. Now she has come again to visit us for a fungal infection. See the complete video of Phil to know what she has to say about our services.


What People Are Saying!

Awsome great
Avane Gigiri
Avane Gigiri
Avane clinic is the place to be. I had a very scary acne and Dr Pancholi helped me and restored back my confidence. I surely recommend Avane clinic to anyone dealing with skin issues.
Hellen Ajulu
Hellen Ajulu
Great, my skin cleared. No breakouts any more. Am happy. Thanks to Avane.
Funke Jacobs
Funke Jacobs
I had my Molemapping done four months ago at the Gigiri branch during one of my visits in Kenya, timely report generation helped me identify a possible cancer causing mole. Thank you Dr Pancholi and the whole Gigiri staff. Oh they actually offered Telemedicine consultation for follow ups. See you on my next trip!
Sally Smith
Sally Smith

Professional, quality, & comfort

About Avané Clinic

At Avané, our expert cosmetic dermatologists offer an extensive range of services, including Laser Skin Treatments, Laser hair Removal, Acne and Acne Scar Treatment, Mole Mapping, Hydrafacial and Facial Treatments ,stretch marks treatment, Verruca, Eczema, Vitiligo treatment, Warts Removal, Microneedling and Anti-aging Skin Care to correct skin problems and enhance skin health and appearance

Avané Clinic offers Cosmetic Dermatology services such as Dermal Fillers, Coolsculpting, Chemical peels, Skin Lightening (Glutathone Pro), Hair Loss, Gshot and much more.

Our procedures help patients minimize or reverse damage to their skin caused by aging, sunlight, and genetics by use of the latest technology for skin rejuvenation and other cosmetic dermatology techniques.