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Laser Hair Removal in Nairobi

May 5, 2022

Have you ever felt the discomfort that comes with ingrown hair, or hair that grows in areas we consider inappropriate, much to your chagrin? If you have, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Here at Avané Clinic, we have just the right remedy for you. The Laser hair removal or the Laser hair treatment.

At Avané Clinic, located in Nairobi, Kenya, we offer laser hair removal services for all interested customers, with the guarantee of quality work and amazing results, all at client-friendly prices. The procedures are overseen by our well-trained and highly experienced specialists with modern technology and safety equipment, which give an assurance of a splendid afterlook, and more comfortable life.

Here at Avané Clinic, offering a smooth experience for our esteemed customers if our top priority. With this in mind, we use the In Motion method for laser hair removal. This new technology uses a Gold standard 810-nm laser diode. The laser beam emitted by the diode is safe for use on the skin, hence can not cause cancer in any way.

The treatment involves shining the laser beam on the area of concern. Biologically, hair grows from the follicles, which are found just below the skin. The root hair is attached to the follicle, and with the right nutrients and at an optimum temperature, the hair grows and elongates. During the in-motion treatment, the laser beam is passed repeatedly on low-energy pulses and is shone on the hair at the area under treatment. The energy from the beam gradually increases the temperature at the hair follicle, distorting the follicle, and preventing new hair from growing. The older hair turns to be fragile and thins out. The exercise involves several minor follow-up procedures to ascertain that no more hair is growing and that the presently available hair has all thinned out.

The In Motion treatment technique is painless and very comfortable. From our previous clients, we gathered that the sensation from the laser is like that of a tranquilizing hot massage, which turns a process that would have been thought to be an intolerable experience, into a soothing and relaxing one.

Laser hair treatment can be done on any body part, as per the client’s needs, whether it’s the face, the armpits, neck, back, legs, hands, or even on that bikini line that ladies like flaunting, we can easily handle that. Time spent under treatment is dependent on the complexity and the size of the body part under treatment since the larger the part, the more time needed to shine the beam on it adequately for the effects to happen. Effects of the treatment aren’t instantaneous, but rather happen gradually over a short period of time of about the 6 weeks that hair takes to grow.

in case you are wondering if your hair type qualifies for the removal process, the good news is that our technique is suitable for all kinds of hair, may it be black, brunette, or even blond hir, of all sizes. The skin tone of the client does not affect the procedure as it is fitting for all kinds of skin, from all races and colors. Our hospitable staff adheres to our strict anti-racism policies, and we ensure that all our clients are treated equally with the utmost respect and without prejudice.

Hair removal is marred by several side effects such as blisters, scars, burns, infections, or permanent skin discoloration. These are some of the fears that inhibit one from seeking depilatory services. However, at Avané Clinic we use a safe and skin-friendly technique that ensures little to no effects on the skin. Our dermatologists have a vast knowledge of the issue and their commitment to providing our clients with a harmless service and meeting the client’s expectations and to their satisfaction.

One of the many stereotypes surrounding hair removal is its contribution to the development of facial acne. The in-motion technique applied at Avané Clinic ensures that there is little to no chance of growth of acne after the treatment. Our products are also skin-friendly and do not irritate the skin which may lead to rashes or sensitivity in the treated area. At our center, we care about our client’s well-being and their self-consciousness. We are committed to making you look and feel better than when you came to us. 

During pregnancies, our dermatologists do not recommend laser hair removal, for the risk of probable health implications that it may have on the unborn kid, no matter how minute. We care about our clients, and our devotion to their general good ensures that our services are more than just business. We however recommend other hair management skills such as shaving for our pregnant clients and book them in for consideration of laser hair treatment after they have delivered.

If you are wondering just how beneficial laser hair removal is done at Avané Clinic, well to start with, the process is permanent, which ensures that once you are done with it, you do not need to worry about ingrown or misplaced hair anymore. As mentioned earlier, the in-motion technique is seemingly painless and very comfortable. This saves one from the pain associated with waxing or tweezing. Just like any other medical procedure, one needs subsequent visits to the dermatologist for post-procedure checkups and subsequent treatment., with the frequency depending on the patient’s attributes such as hair type, skin type, and hair coarseness.  However, we have established that laser hair management needs a few check-ups and with each subsequent visit promising better results and a step forward to your desired look.

At Avané Clinic, we are devoted to providing the best services that one can possibly wish for. We pledge our devotion to ensuring we make your dreams of a hair-friendly experience, without the embarrassment or insecurities that come with ingrown hair. Our dermatologists offer professional services, guaranteeing the worth of our client’s confidence in us. We advise our clients on the safe practices before the procedures, and the rapport ensures even long after the treatment has been done. We recommend the best medication to use to ensure a smooth transition, and most of them are found at our pharmacy at friendly prices. A visit to our clinic is a lifelong investment, one that you will never regret or look back on. So, pay us a visit and consult with our rich in experience dermatology team and get the remedy for that ingrown hair, a remedy that offers value for your time and money, and ensures your smile never fades.

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