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Narrowband UVB Treatment in Nairobi

September 27, 2022

Skin conditions are some of the most prevalent human diseases, affecting about a third of the total population. This has created a need for research, with scientists and medical researchers doing all they can to find cures and treatment for these conditions. Research done has fair results with many treatments being discovered as remedies to certain conditions. Tablets, ointments and creams, injections and surgery are used successfully in modern medicine as viable treatments. The advent and adaptation of phototherapy technology in treatment of skin conditions is a positive game changer. This is because it is more effective, safer and has less complications than other treatments. One of the most popularly used forms of laser treatment is the narrowband UVB. As a pioneer clinic in the use of narrowband UVB treatment for skin conditions, Avané clinic provides and effective solution to all people living in or near Nairobi Kanya. We bring skin rehabilitation services near you.

Narrowband UVB is a form of phototherapy treatment that involves the use of consistent but brief exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. It is produced by a specially designed light emitting device. There exist several forms of phototherapy such as PUVA (combination of psoralen tablets with UVA radiations), wideband UVB and many others. Phototherapy is majorly used in the treatment autoimmune skin conditions. These are diseases that arise from defects of the body’s immune system such as psoriasisatopic eczema, lichen planus and vitiligo. Use of narrowband UVB is effective and has a higher success rate with less side effects and complications as compared to others. Our doctors at Avané clinic recommend it for treatment of these conditions and the output we’ve had from our clients are promising.

Phototherapy treatment involves the use ultraviolet rays (like the ones produced by the sun), in regulated amounts to ease the effects of skin conditions. UV rays consists of two forms of wavelengths, UVA and UVB. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, in the dermal layer and may cause the skin to tan. On the other hand, UVB rays do not get deep in the skin, and mainly works on the upper epidermal layer. It does not cause tanning but may cause burning on the skin. To ensure safety of the patients, our doctors use carefully stipulated doses of UV light and ensure the exposure time is within the allowed standards.

Narrowband UVB(NV-UVB) treatment is a specialised treatment where a small part of the UVB light spectrum is used as a remedy for skin conditions. The non-inflammatory rays are normally produced at a wavelength of 311nm to 312nm, which is the most beneficial wavelength. Some people may come up with arguments that the Ultraviolet rays are also present in the sun. They assume there is no need for a specialised UV treatment at the hospital. It is however important to note that the sun’s rays consist of other harmful rays such as infrared radiations, and UVA rays. These may have unhealthy effects on the skin. These components are filtered in the production of the specialised UVB, making it safer for the skin.

At Avané clinic, we have a commitment to procedural structures and adhere to them. Our patients start their treatment by consolations with our doctors, led by Dr Pancholi. The symptoms of the conditions are discussed at length and a physical examination done to confirm the diagnosis. The patient’s medical history is also taken alongside details on their reactions to light or photosensitivity. Dr Pancholi then discusses the available treatment alternatives for your condition.  If narrowband UVB is agreed upon as the optimum treatment, then one is booked for the procedure. Before the actual treatment, one is subjected to a series of small light tests called Minimal Erythema Doses (MED). MED involves shining of small doses of narrowband UVB on the skin for a set duration of time repeatedly so as to decide the individual or specialised treatment dose for the patient. It is helpful especially for patients with light sensitivity or patients using medication that makes them extra sensitive. MED results are read after 24 hours and the procedure can not be done unless they are out.

During the treatment, one is given protective googles for the eyes and genital protection for use while in the UVB machine. These must be worn at all times. One is also shown on how to stand while in the machine to ensure equal exposure of the body parts to be treated to the rays. Th treatment takes about 10 minutes as overexposure may put one at risk. Our experts will be monitoring the procedure to ensure that the patient is safe and all the due standards from the treatment are followed. Higher intensity radiations are administered over short periods of time.  Ultraviolet UVB treatment requires several subsequent treatments, with the doctors recommending about 2-5 treatments a week. The results of the treatment will most likely be seen after about 10 visits. It may require approximately 30 treatments over an extensive period of time as the doctors sees right. The skin condition being treated also influences the duration and the number of treatments.

During consultation, the doctors discuss the pre-procedure and post-procedure care measures. Before the procedure, one is not advised to wear oily creams during the procedure days, since they can cause burns during the procedure. One should not wear perfumes, deodorants, aftershaves or other cosmetics as they may increase one’s skin sensitivity to the UV rays.  They also increase the risk of one getting discoloured patches on the skin. Using water based moisturizers increases the skin’s absorption to the rays, hence the doctor recommends their use before the procedure. Post treatment measures include limited exposure to sunlight, application of sunscreen and using hats to cover the skin.

Risks associated with multiple treatments

Excessive and repeated exposure to the narrowband UVB may increase one’s chance of getting cancer. There is a 10% chance of developing cancer after treatment, with an estimated one in every ten patients under the treatment getting cancer. In addition to this, it also increases photoaging, where one may have higher risks of developing wrinkles and discolouration which are signs associated with early aging. The treatment also has other side effects such as sunburns on skin and rashes caused by photosensitivity.

Benefits of ultraviolet UVB

Ultraviolet UVB is an effective treatment for managing skin conditions such as vitiligo and psoriasis. It doesn’t involve a lot of complication such as infections as experienced with surgical procedures. It also involves less side effects and is cheaper than surgery and certain medication. The treatment plan involves several related treatment procedures, which allows the doctors to assess the progress and in case it’s not working as it should, adjustments can be made to help reach an optimum effectiveness. It is also safe for use by anyone, at any age, race or gender, apart from pregnant and lactating mothers and people with allergic reactions to UV light and skin sensitivity. Avané clinic is located at the Yaya centre, in Nairobi Kenya. Our esteemed team of practitioners is led by Dr Pancholi, who is one of the best doctors and dermatologists. They are well trained and highly experienced in the field. We have modern facilities with highly efficient equipment, all in line with the required medical standards. All these coupled up guarantee you of a worthwhile experience as you seek our help in regaining your normal skin health. Visit us today to contact us to book your appointment and get to experience the life changing ultraviolent UVB therapy to redefine your condition.

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