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Non-Surgical Hair Transplant in Nairobi

Human hair is considered a symbol of style, and different hairstyles are a demonstration of just fashionable ones. However, what happens when you’re in the shower and notice huge chunks of hair falling off or when you notice lumps on your comb when combing your hair? What would you do when you notice you are losing your hair? As much as you’d panic, we at Avané Clinic have a solution for your hair loss.

Avané Clinic, Nairobi offers non-surgical hair replacement as a remedy for your hair loss. Our team of specialists comprises physicians, dermatologists, and nurses all of whom are highly trained and have a wide range of experience in hair replacement. We complement their expertise by using the latest technology in the world today. At Avané we use Renegera Activa, which is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure for hair transplant.

Hair loss may be a result of poor lifestyles, hormonal changes, genetics, male and female pattern baldness, aging, medical conditions such as alopecia or lack of vitamin D. Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women, of all ages but older individuals are more likely to be affected. Hair loss results from poor follicle health, Regenera Activa strives to repair the damage on the follicle and restore normal health and thus reversing the effects and signs of hair loss. It employs hair stimulation using the body’s own stem cells, growth factors, and progenitor cells to trigger tissue regeneration. The procedure is well tested and approved as safe for use by the FDA.

At Avané Clinic, the procedure is done in a clean environment, observing a high level of hygiene and optimum precaution. Beforehand, the procedure involves conducting an in-depth analysis o the hair and the indices’ scalp to understand the hair and scalp health. Samples are then collected from the patient’s own body, usually from the occipital section (near the backside of the neck). The Specimen is placed in the Rigeneracon machine, where it is processed and the suspension containing the stem cells, growth factors, and progenitor cells will be isolated. The solution is then injected into the scalp through mesotherapy, so as to initiate the regenerative process. The whole process takes one hour and needs to be done just once in a person’s lifetime. However, one can have it repeated after about 2 years to improve its effectiveness. It is seemingly painless, although slight discomfort may be felt and a prickling sensation as the solution is being injected.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant in Nairobi

Regenera Activa is suitable for all people of all ages, except for individuals with complete baldness in their super cranial region. We recommend one visit our clinics, consult with our specialists and find the optimum model to use for their hair loss treatment. During consultations, the doctor will enquire about your medical history and guide you on what is expected, should your result have Regenera Activa. One is also required to sign a consent form to show their approval for the procedure to be done. Medical insurance does not cover this procedure, and one is further guided on the payment options available.

Regenera Activa is an effective method, whose benefits are worth the time and money invested. It is a one-time treatment method, which needs to be done just once in a long while, unlike other methods which involve constant visits to the doctor. It is very safe since the stem cells are obtained from the same individual they are to be used on. It has no downtime, and one can go to doing normal duties almost immediately. However, our experts will offer advice on how to take care of your hair after treatment so as to maximize healing. Tissue processing is fast and done under hygienic conditions, which prevents cross-contamination and tissue disintegration. Amazingly, the procedure offers no side effects, safe for minor sensitivity on the sites the grafts were obtained from. Moreover, it is cheaper and friendlier than having hair transplant surgery done, hence saving those who aren’t fans from going through the knife and promising a better and faster remedy than surgical means.

As efficacious as the procedure is, healing is dependent on the patients’ regenerative abilities and their general health, hence varies from one person to another. The end goal, which is to restore normal hair growth is however common to all. Regenera active may also be used alongside other treatment methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), to maximize their effectiveness. In addition to preventing further hair loss, this procedure helps to strengthen hair follicles and improves follicle health. One does not need any significant change in their lifestyle after having Regenera active, as it is lowly invasive and won’t affects your normal life. The hair that grows after the procedure appears natural and robust.

Avané Clinic brings the best solution to all your trouble regarding hair loss near you. Pay us a visit at the Yaya center, Nairobi and consult with our specialists and get acquainted with Regenera Activa as wee as another method of hair loss treatment as well as other alternative methods, and book an appointment with us. We promise to give you the best experience of your life, at a client-friendly price and help you gain back your confidence as you flaunt your new hair for all and sundry to see your transformation.

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