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Skin Fungal Infection Treatment

September 27, 2022

Everyone dreads the idea of waking up to find rashes all over their body or find unfamiliar swelling on their skin. You might be getting ready for an event, and then out of nowhere, you notice a ring-like rash on your skin, and that would be quite dehumanizing. These rashes may be caused by fungal infections on your skin. Avané clinic, located in Nairobi Kenya has just the solution for you. We have a well-trained and adequately equipped team that will help you fight off the fungal infections. The skin fungal infection treatment at Avane clinic is world-class.

Fungal infections are responsible for the formation of red, itchy, scaly rashes on the skin. They are caused by harmful fungi on the body. There are over 1000 fungi, but only about half of these are harmful. Fungi include yeast, mould, mildew, etc, and live in water, air, plants and soil while some live in the human body. When the harmful ones invade the body, or there is an overgrowth of the fungi, then they take over that part affecting the health of the organism they attack. Fungi thrive in warm and damp environments that do not get much airflow. They can thus, develop in sweaty areas such as the feet, groins, thighs, folds of the skin or on buttocks.

Fungal infections are common. They are easily transferred from one part to another and can also be transmitted from one individual to the next. They are usually spread via direct contact, which may include coming into contact with skin of an infected person, or fungi on clothing or items used by an infected person. Skin rashes appear reddish with the colour being more intense at the border, scale being more intense at the border and more defined lesions at the edges. They are at times itchy and scaly.

The skin is the most affected part by fungal infections, although they also thrive on mucus membranes, such vaginal yeast infections and oral thrush. Some of the most common skin include athlete’s foot, ringworms, nail fungus(onychomycosis)jock itch (rash on the groin area), scalp ringworm.

The symptoms of fungal infections vary depending with the type of infection.  However, for skin infections, the symptoms include: round shaped rashes with raised edges, swellings, scally and itchy patches of skin with a burning sensation, redness and peeling, crackling or scaling of the skin.

Treatment and control of fungal skin infections involves various modes such as oral medication and use of creams. It may also involve gels, ointments, spray and liquid medicine. Some of he most commonly used medications include: : econazole, , terbinafine (Lamisil), fluconazole (Diflucan), ketoconazole (Daktarin), nystatin (Nystan), Miconazole and amphotericin.  They work by killing the fungus or stopping their growth.

We recommend that our clients visit our clinic for consultations, where the doctors enquire about their medical history and tries to find out the cause, spread and severity of the infection. We also take pictures of the skin, which we shall be using for reference. A physical examination is conducted to ascertain that indeed the client is suffering from fungal infections and not another condition that may have similar symptoms. A scrapping of the scale obtained from the rash or infected skin is observed under the microscope to identify the specific fungus. At other times, a fungal culture might be required. This is done by the medics extracting a biopsy (tiny piece of skin) or an aspiration (a fluid) from the client’s body. In rare cases where the infection is severe, we may be needed to do a blood test. These are important in diagnosis and finding out the best treatment for our clients.

The benefits that arise from having fungal skin infection treatment done at Avané clinic include: it is extremely painless, it is non-invasive, hence lacks complications involved with surgical operations, it has no downtime and is performed within a short period of time. Medication that doesn’t give the best treatment or fast enough healing can easily be changed for one that is highly effective. It is cheaper and with Avané clinic, you are assured of a quality service, affordable prices, friendly environment and a general amazing experience.

The safety around use of some medicine is not assured, hence it is not recommended it pregnant and nursing mothers. Our specialist will help them find other alternative means of treatment for their fungal skin infections. To reduce the risk of getting infected, one is advised to observe proper hygiene and avoid contact with infected people or the items the use.

Use of medication for fungal treatment however has some side effects. They may cause redness, rashes, burns and abdominal pains. In some rare cases, severe side effects may be experienced, such as triggering allergic reactions, skin reactions such as skin peeling and they may even cause liver damage.

We are located at the Yaya centre, in Nairobi, Kenya. We are committed to quality service delivery and promotion of the general good health of our society. We offer medical and aesthetical services at friendly costs and brings the solution closer to you. Visit us today, consult with our specialists and trust us to solve your fungal skin problem.

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