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Stretch Marks Treatment in Nairobi

September 27, 2022

Everyone dreams of having perfectly smooth and flawless skin. One that is free from any form of defect whatsoever. However, this remains to be just but a dream for many people as flawless skin is hard to find. One of the most commonly found flaws in our bodies, especially in most women, is stretch marks. According to reports, about 90 per cent of all women in the world have had stretch marks at some point in their lives. This is not much of a problem, since they are harmless and don’t make anyone less beautiful. In as much as this is true, some people feel less confident or have many insecurities due to stretch marks. If you are in this group of people, and you live in or near Nairobi Kenya, then you have a reason to smile. Avané clinic Nairobi has a solution for you, through our stretch marks treatment plan.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are also called striae. These are scars that form on the skin due to the effects of sudden changes in the body, such as weight loss or weight gain. The sudden alterations in the form of shrinking or enlarging causes the collagen fibres in the skin to tear and break apart. Their healing leads to the formation of scars, that look like streaks or lines on the skin. They often appear on the abdomen, buttocks, upper arm, hips and thighs. They appear as red, purple, or brown streaks, but they often fade with time. They are harmless and have no health effects on the body. However, they may affect your body’s skin texture, as they leave dents and shallow valleys which do not feel smooth at all.

Who do they affect?

Literally, anybody is at risk of getting stretch marks. However, some groups of people are more susceptible to attacks. These are younger, pregnant women and people at puberty due to body changes. It may also affect patients after reconstructive surgery, breast enlargement surgery or patients under corticosteroids. Bodybuilders may also get them easily due to the quick muscle growth. Genetic factors also play a major role in stretch marks, hence people with a family history of stretch marks are more likely to get them at some point in life.

Stretchmarks treatment.

Despite being medically harmless, stretch marks are considered aliens and most people seek ways to get rid of them. There is no specified scientifically approved cure for striae, but there are various alternatives on how to treat it. One common mode of treatment is the use of ointments and creams, where one is required to apply them to the affected areas. Other treatments are retinoid creams and hyaluronic acids. These are ineffective since they mainly affect the top layers of the skin, without affecting the deeper underlying layers. Due to this, they don’t offer lasting.  Surgery, platelet-rich-plasma (PPR) therapy and laser treatment have been adapted as viable treatments in recent years.

Laser treatment is the best solution for the management of stretch marks. At Avané clinic, we use laser treatment, via CO2 laser therapy. At Avané clinic, they employ the best cutting-edge technology in our treatment. We believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best, safest and most effective modes of treatment. Our work is to facilitate this by providing them with all the services they require. Our team of specialist consist of well-trained individual with years of experience in handling skin-related issues. The team is led by Dr Pranav Pancholi, who is one of the top doctors and dermatologists in the region. We recommend the use of CO2 lasers for they are fractional lasers, which penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Moreover, it is a skin resurfacing treatment which means it also stimulates self-healing of the skin’s damaged cells.

CO2 laser therapy involves using long and strong wavelengths, produced within a safe range of energy radiations. They penetrate deeper into the skin layers and trace the cells damaged by striae without damaging the adjacent cells. Fractional lasers (such as CO2) are also pixilated, meaning a single beam of energy is broken into several thin streaks of light, each of which lands on and treats a small section of tissue. This helps to cover the larger skin area of the skin. The CO2 laser beam is focused on the affected skin for a duration of time, allowing them to cut on the stretch marks. The laser breaks down the cells on the affected part, and the body’s natural healing mechanisms are triggered. It sends nutrients to the affected cells, and other adjacent skin cells and kickstarts the regeneration process. Newer skin cells are formed, to replace the damaged ones. It also stimulates collagen formation, and newer stronger and healthier collagen fibres are formed, to hold the skin. This continues for a number of weeks, and the affected skin is eventually completely relaced, doing away with the stretchmarks.

Our treatment process begins with consultations with Dr Pancholi, where he examines the affected skin, and enquires about the patient’s medical history, especially records of stretch marks in the family. He also discusses the issue in-depth with the patients and gets to know their expectations. The doctor will take pictures of the affected skin, for comparisons and checking on the progress. The doctor shares precautions to be taken before and after the treatment. These include minimal sunlight exposure, not using medication that increases your sensitivity to sunlight and taking lots of water before the treatment day. After the treatment, one is expected to use the medication given strictly as per prescription, clean the area well, and as per instructions by the medics, not use any ointment on the affected area of the skin, not shave the treated area, avoid swimming pools, avoid sunlight exposure and to keep the treated area covered and the bandage should be changed regularly.

The procedure is done as an outpatient treatment; hence one is free to go home after the treatment. It takes about 7 to 9 days for the skin to heal well. The doctor will schedule subsequent visits for you, to check on the progress.  The results can be seen as early as after the first treatment, but for maximum effectiveness, about 3 to 5 treatment sessions are recommended, each at least 1 month apart. CO2 laser therapy is open to everyone, regardless of their age, gender or race. It is however not advised for pregnant and lactating mothers, since although the laser is harmless, research isn’t fully done on the impact it may have on their babies. Individuals with certain skin conditions such as active acne are also not viable for the CO2 laser.

Benefits of stretchmarks treatment

Benefits of stretch mark treatment are: you get to enjoy a more flawless and smoother skin, the procedure is medically safe and very efficient, it is non-invasive, hence involves no complications such as the ones linked with surgery. CO@ laser also stimulates collagen regeneration, which helps the body produce healthier collagen fibres for tighter younger-looking skin. In addition to this, the procedure has less downtime, of about 1 week after treatment and one is free to go back to work. CO2 laser therapy produces fast results and offers long-lasting results. CO2 laser therapy offers the patients helps boost their self-esteem and confidence in a major way and has a positive impact on their mental health. Having the treatment done at Avané clinic guarantees you an extra benefit of being under the care of the best professionals in the medical field, coupled up with a hygienic and ambient environment with modern facilities and at a cost that’s friendly to you.

Risk factors and side effects

As efficient as CO2 laser treatment is, it has its minor downside. This treatment places the patient at risk of getting infections, especially when the treated area isn’t taken proper hygienic care of. It may also lead to scarring and Ectropion, laser-induced trauma conditions such as vitiligo, hyperpigmentation o and hypopigmentation. The skin is also extremely sensitive to sunlight after treatment. It may lead to burns, blisters or tanning if it’s exposed to the sun for long. These side effects are rare, and in most cases, not serious. Our specialist at Avané clinic is however ready to attend to our clients in the eventualities that the side effects attack. We also observe high levels of hygiene to ensure that side effects are totally avoidable.


Stretchmarks are harmless and have no known medical effects. However, if you feel that they are a pain in the neck for you, or that they are preventing you from enjoying your life, then Avané clinic is the place for you. Visits us today at Yaya centre in Nairobi and get a consolation with our specialist doctor, or contact to book an appointment. Do not let the stretchmarks be the cause of our depression. At Avané clinic, we offer you a chance to regain control of your life in a matter of months under our care, you will be rocking the look you so much desire.

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