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Laser Varicose Vein Treatment in Nairobi

September 27, 2022

Laser Varicose Vein Treatment in Nairobi

Varicose veins are a condition that is characterised by large, swollen and superficial veins, especially on the legs and feet. The veins may appear bulging, lumpy, or twisted with a blue or dark purple color. Some of its other symptoms are aching and heavy legs, swollen feet and ankles, muscle cramps, alongside a burning sensation on the legs. It is caused by the malfunctioning of valves in the veins. Normally, blood flows from the heart to other body parts via arteries, and back to the heart through veins. It is prevented from flowing backwards by several valves that open to let blood through and then close to hold it from flowing back. Weakened or malfunctioning valves allow blood to flow backwards and collect in the veins. Accumulation of this blood causes the vein to be swollen and bulging. We offer Laser varicose vein treatment at our different clinics across Nairobi. Varicose veins are neither infectious nor communicable, hence can be spread from one person to another. Women, elderly people, obese individuals, pregnant women and persons whose jobs involve standing for long hours are at higher risks of getting varicose veins. Having a close family member who has varicose veins may also put one at risk of getting it, as it is also a genetic condition. Varicose veins are not considered fatal or dangerous in any way, although they bring about discomfort and pain to the patient. In addition, they may cause other medical conditions later in the future such as blood clots and chronic venous insufficiency.  One is advised to seek medical advice from a doctor should they notice these symptoms.

Types of Varicose Veins

There are several types of varicose veins, which include:

  • Trunk varicose veins – Are found near the skin’s surface and appear as long, thick, and knobbly.
  • Reticular varicose veins- They appear red and are often grouped together in a network.
  • Spider veins- They are also known as thread veins or Telangiectasia varicose veins. They form a network of small clusters of blue or red veins that sometimes appear on the legs or face. They are usually harmless and do not bulge under the surface of the skin.

Laser treatment for varicose veins is far much more effective and easier than other traditional methods such as ligation and stripping. It is also less painful and involves fewer risks. By use of laser technology, one can easily reduce and even eliminate the sight of unattractive veins, and improve blood circulation. There are several methods for laser treatment on varicose veins, but Endovascular Laser Ablation (EVLA) outdoes them all. Endovascular Laser Ablation is also called Endovascular Laser Coagulation (EVLK) or Endovascular Laser Obliteration (EVLO). It is an FDA-approved method that is adopted for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins in hospitals today. Endovascular laser ablation is a laser treatment method that involves using laser technology to cauterize and close off a vein that may be problematic. Blood is then forced to reroute and find its way through other healthy veins nearby. The closed vein is then reabsorbed into the body. The procedure is performed by cutting an incision on the skin and inserting a radial fiber-optic guide into the vein. An anesthetic solution is then pumped into the vein, to anesthetize the procedure and compress the vein. The compression ensures that the laser does not overheat the neighboring tissues, protecting them from damage by the heat energy from the laser. The light guide is then removed from the vein. At Avané clinic, we use a modern laser for the procedure. The laser produces two waves, with one being absorbed by the blood hemoglobin and the second one, being absorbed by the vascular walls. The laser is supplied evenly through the circumference of the device. It shrinks and closes the varicose vein, and causes the formation of scar tissue within the vein. The scar tissue seals off the vein, forcing the blood to find alternative routes to flow through in the nearby healthy and well-working veins. The whole procedure is observed through a duplex ultrasound device as it needs to be done with accurate precision, to avoid harming other tissue. It takes about 30-60 minutes to perform the EVLA procedure on one leg. The patient is then fitted with a compression garment immediately after the procedure. Before the procedure is done, the doctor advises the patient to purchase a compression stocking of the second degree of compression. The stocking should match the individual specifications of the patient; hence the doctor recommends it as per the size and requirements of the patient. After the procedure, the client is required to wear the compression stocking for at least one week, so as to increase the healing. EVLA is highly effective that oftentimes, one needs just a single treatment without the need for a second. Despite this, one needs to go back to the doctor for scheduled checkups during the healing stage. The treated part needs to be observed under ultrasound devices to check on their progress.

What are the benefits of EBVLA?

The benefits of having your EVLA procedure done at Avané clinic are: You are guaranteed treatment in the hands of well-trained and experienced individuals. The procedure has less risk of infection, unlike other surgical operations. It is also relatively cheaper and faster. It has no downtime as one can go back to their normal routines almost immediately after treatment. It utilizes local anesthesia as compared to general anesthesia required for other procedures. Moreover, it offers less possibility of recurrence, promises a higher success rate of 98% on all procedures done, and has minimal recovery time.

What are the side effects of EVLA?

However, as effective as this method is, it involves some side effects. One is at risk of infection, bleeding, pain over the vein, blood clots, and nerve damage which is rare. Other risks may arise depending on the health of the patients; thus, it is important to discuss all the risks and medical information with the doctors. Dr. Pancholi and his team are however committed to ensuring a safe procedure that has minimal side effects. In addition, we are always ready to attend to our clients whenever they encounter any problem. Anyone can be a candidate for EVLA, except for people with overly twisted or extremely thin veins which make it hard for the catheter to pass through. Consultations with our doctors help you find alternative modes of treatment for your condition. To avoid the risk of getting varicose veins, one is advised to avoid standing for long hours, eat healthily, do a lot of exercise, and avoid smoking. Varicose veins are both a medical and aesthetical condition, and at Avané clinic, we pride ourselves on being the best clinic for all your medical and aesthetical problems. Pay us a visit at the Yaya Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, or contact us to book an appointment with our specialists. We pledge our commitment to helping you get that flawless look and take care of the painful, bulging veins that are giving you sleepless nights.

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