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Laser Hair Removal in Nairobi

Avané Clinic offers best medical procedures for laser hair removal in Nairobi, Kenya, a procedure that makes use of concentrated laser beam to remove unnecessary hair from the body. As a professional laser clinic in Kenya that employs the best minds and latest equipment for laser treatments, we offer a wide range of permanent and lasting hair removal or reduction solutions customized to our client individual needs.

The procedure employs a concentrated laser beam focused on the skin which is then absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair under the skin; the light energy when converted to heat destroys the hair sacs in the skin and permanently delays or destroys the process of hair growth. In some cases, multiple such procedures might be needed to remove the hair permanently or to get the desired results.

Laser Hair Removal is ideal for those who have very dark hair which needs constant removal like waxing, tweezing, shaving etc. The usual processes of hair removal are both tiring and expensive.Having too much hair also makes the person look unhygienic. Thus most women now opt for this treatment as it is a safe and convenient and medically effective procedure with a onetime cost.

The most practical benefit of laser hair treatment is that it is a quick and one-time process that takes minimum time depending on the area of treatment.

The procedure of laser treatment relieves of any further hair removal procedures for a long time and also saves a lot of money on multiple procedures. This is both convenient and time-saving.

Laser treatment has become so progressed and updated with the latest equipment that it can be done in any part of the body including the face, arms, legs, bikini line etc. without spending much effort or time.

The most practical benefit of laser treatment is that it saves a lot of time and money that would be otherwise spent on regular hair removal procedures like waxing and tweezing.

If you are looking for laser hair removal treatment near Nairobi, Kenya, then it is recommended to visit Avané Clinic even if you are not sure about taking the laser hair removal treatment. The consultation here may add up to the information about the hair removing procedures that are being used these days.

Book your consultation today at Avané Clinic, Nairobi.

We are located at the Yaya centre, in Nairobi, Kenya. We are committed to quality service delivery and promotion of the general good health of our society. We offer medical and aesthetical services at friendly costs and brings the solution closer to you. Visit us today, consult with our specialists and trust us to solve your body fat problem.


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What People Are Saying!

Awsome great
Avane Gigiri
Avane Gigiri
Avane clinic is the place to be. I had a very scary acne and Dr Pancholi helped me and restored back my confidence. I surely recommend Avane clinic to anyone dealing with skin issues.
Hellen Ajulu
Hellen Ajulu
Great, my skin cleared. No breakouts any more. Am happy. Thanks to Avane.
Funke Jacobs
Funke Jacobs
I had my Molemapping done four months ago at the Gigiri branch during one of my visits in Kenya, timely report generation helped me identify a possible cancer causing mole. Thank you Dr Pancholi and the whole Gigiri staff. Oh they actually offered Telemedicine consultation for follow ups. See you on my next trip!
Sally Smith
Sally Smith

Professional, quality, & comfort

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